Saturday, June 25, 2011

Viva la Art

Saturday in the Museum had its second edition, is starting to be a classic of the family :) After breakfast we were on the way to the centre. Before, Olivia met in front of the Waterstones the Spot, another classic of books for kids. Art definitely would be around us all day. After a beautiful walk in South Bank taking advantage of the Sun that became stronger in the afternoon we reached our destination, New Modern Art Museum Tade Gallery. The space is big and quick we understood that we could not see all the rooms. Olivia show her skills, few times sat on the floor to draw the pictures. In fact few visits that saw her drawing one work from Cy Twombly, wanted to take a picture of the sketch, as they were saying that her work was better than the original, In reality there is a lot of works in the museum that could have be done by any little Olivia. This Museums always arise questions as Gombrowicz liked to highlight, as What is Art? Why an elite and critics can tell us what is beautiful and should be respected and venerated and others not? For him The Art are over the Human but those critics that says what is good are under the Human Being race, so if possible should be us to judge what is worth to see or not.

It was a great day, We did so much that almost looks impossible to fit all in one single day. We visited the Borough Market for the first time, something that I wanted for a long time. We were dazzled with the quality of the food displayed. We really need to return with more time. There was also time to go and enjoy the concert and another exhibition in the Royal National Theatre, And last surprise in the end was the beach, at least with sand to play.

Which one is the Original, first or the second?

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