Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Negotiating table

There is no place, no situation where it is not necessary to negotiate with Olivia, She is never totally happy with what she has and we offer her :) Always wants something more, If it is time for lunch, she will tell us just one more book, If I offered to do a jigsaw with her, she will ask me to do two. So it is in this dialectic, giving and receiving where I am living, and I confess that my negotiation skills are very primary, often Olivia wins in the table of negotiations. And she knows this my fragility.

This afternoon I gave again more blood for the weekly blood tests, hopefully all keeps showing well.

To finished the day I was thinking to watch the lunar eclipse in the evening, but I should have thought about the weather, as usual the sky presents too much cloudy to be possible to see whatever in the zenith, so this will be postponed again to a next opportunity.

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