Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little bird

It is so much comforting to see Olivia going to the nursery, She is so happy when we leave her there, she just gives a kiss, turns her back and disappears inside, mixing up with the other little ones. The same when we pick up her, she comes out from her World very happy and full of mysteries, never tells what did happen during the time in school, She never remembers. Today I had a gift, a ginger bread from Olivia, She told me that my hair is similar to the one in her draw, good to now that.

In the afternoon I had also the Reiki session, today I almost arrived late, this because when I open the door I came across with a little bird which dropped from the nest, At first we did not know what to do with this little creature lost, a big responsibility, for a while I even thought to nurse him at home and wait to see him flying away, but Justyna read a site which helped us to do the right choice, I just left him where I found, It was a good choice after seeing the mother come around him to give him food, Also he moved to another corner probably more secure, I am trying to not check too often if he is still there, in order to not scare them. I hope the nature will sort it out in the best way. The Reiki therapist was telling me that this bird is probably carrying some message for me, hopefully I did the right thing and he will not be upset with me.

Last message that I received came from the Hospital, the nurse called me to tell me that they saw the results from the last blood tests and they are very good, For now I do not need to worry about how the body is dealing with the radiotherapy.

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