Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Dad

I need to thank God for give me the chance to wake up as I did today, having my little love telling me happy Dad's day and giving me a beautiful postcard. It was since ever my dream to be a father, but not at any dream I could believe how marvellous it would be to be a father.

As usual we started the Sunday going to the church, I confess that today I expected a word or a small souvenir for all the fathers in the church as he does in the Mums day but the priest neglected all of us, I could not believe. After, I reflected about that and I think the problem is with myself, because of having the stigma of being Egocentric and be jealous :) I do need to go more often to the church.

In the Summer are always plenty of parties and festivals, It is true that this festivals could happen as well in the Winter, because the rain in this country is wide spread through all the year, Anyway we went for a very wet park party near us, There were Theatre with the classic Punch and Judy which Olivia did not fall in love with, a Dogs show, popular games for kids and a lot of music to entertain, today Olivia was difficult to be entertained. The weather is not lifting her mood as well as ours. Better days are coming.

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