Thursday, June 2, 2011

Out of the routine

Such a lovely day we had today, It was all about everything but routine. Early morning We traveled to the countryside with Shubhi to have a healing therapy in a Healing Centre, We have been there already for a couple of times but still every time that I am going there I always found so much inspirational the moments, For the place but overall for the surrounds, The view is impossible to describe, from a movie, like all that area around Guildford. I had an intense morning, after the healing therapy I had a meeting with a Cancer group support, I found it all very relax and let me to open more my horizons and to learn a lot of new things, diets, attitudes. This from people that already crossed this path. But, when I came out and I met again the family I was even happier. I was inside for 3 hours but I missed them. I took Olivia to the garden to have our private picnic, to spend the time in the gardens with Olivia and volunteering exhausting all my energies was something that I will never forget, Beeing so friendly and open to me she must know that I need her so much.

Back home I needed to sleep, the happiness made us very tired, Both Olivia and me had a afternoon sleep while Justyna read all the tips for diet that I brought from the Centre. The day has been totally out of routine, but we are very happy.

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