Monday, June 13, 2011

A thousand

Today there is a big reason to celebrate, I confess that when I started it I never thought to come until here, absolutely everything has happened through this millennial journey, There was lines when I felt surely on the top of the World, some others I felt low as nobody, and probably also to not be here to witness all this. I am speaking about this blog, Today is the 1,000th post of the Licoes para a vida. There was only a couple of days when I considered to stop writing, this after the surgeries when I dreamt about been cured, but even there I realised how much this ceremony of writing in the end of each day become part of my routine and my Life. And probably a therapy. I think it will be also interesting for Olivia to one day read and understand where she come from and where she has been. In the end of the day the Life of this blog almost confuses with the Life of Olivia, both they born with only a month difference.


Pedro said...

devias ter tentado obter o patrocinio da MIeLe :-)(electrodomesticos!)

Jane Herlihy said...

Nice one Helder - what an achievement! So much love and philosophy all very personal to you : shared with us & preserved for posterity.
lots of love, as always,

Anonymous said...

Este blog também é nosso porque faz parte das nossas rotinas diárias de leitura.
Aguardamos o post número 10.000!

Abraço para ti e beijo para as princesas.

Lucas, Cláudia e Filipe