Thursday, July 1, 2010


Finally I went to the Hospital to take the CT scan that should have been done already some weeks ago, I am sure I looked very nervous and pale in the picture attending the nervous that I am under, I just forgot to take the advice of my friend Jorge Henriques to take a tie neither a scarf or a smart suit in order to look more elegant in this session of pictures. But it is done, now just wait for the results and see the outcome, If I can still go to taste the Sun of Algarve or instead I will need to stay still and wait for treatments. Justyna and Olivia did not want to let me alone and wherever I was going they were coming, Olivia is so much aware of what is going on, even if I tried to explain her softly, what is a difficult exercise considering the injuries.

Finally, in the afternoon when I came back home I managed to have a nap, Justyna woke me up in order to still could sleep again in the night.

Tomorrow I should have prepared a plan B in the case of anything goes wrong, but to be honest I cannot put down any plan, I think I do not have any alternative than just see and wait. Luckily in the evening whatever happens we are going to Wales to Mike's House, It will be good to be away during the weekend just with friends, with a cat and with a lot of cows. For a few years we have not been there so it will be lovely to be back and Olivia to be introduced to the house.

This day I was thinking how the time is flying, slowly but quickly we have witnessed a lot of achievements and milestones in Olivia's Development Process, I saw already Olivia walking even if never seen her crawling, I saw her saying the first words and the first construction of words in English, in Polish and in Portuguese, I also seen her doing piss and poo in the potty, And I ask to myself what is reserved to coming next? riding the bicycle, or having her first period :) I want to be here to witness all that.

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