Friday, July 16, 2010

Real dream

You cannot believe in what happened to me today, when I went to the oncologist to my regular appointment. Straight at my arrive I found very strange the atmosphere in the room, There was a lot of people circulating around, Some guys queuing were transporting folders to outside in a frenetic pace, I needed to move away to not be hit by them. When I went to the reception to report my appointment to the doctor I saw a nice black lady that normally stays in the reception. But for my surprise instead of doing what she does better, administrating the services, she was with a cloth and mope washing the floor. Her look showed a very sad person, Only when I realised that I will not find anybody else to talk in the reception I went for her, I called her but only after I screamed she looked back to me and in a very disrespectfully way, something that I never seen on her, She asked me what do you want? I was scare about all that, and I replied softly and gently that I am sorry but I only would like to see doctor Tim Meyer!, For what? she asked me again even more rude, if that was possible. Sorry but I come for my appointment! She laughed but quickly she returned her teeth inside her big month and now in very serious manner she told me, So you still do not know the news, and me now completed taken by fear and panic only open the month to say, uat?, So my dear the Cancer has finished, The Cancer will not kill nobody else, again me, are you crazy? I wish I would be, then I would still having my work on that desk and will not be here on this floor doing cleaning. Anyway I tell you what happened, but I do not want to see you anymore, So, to cure the beast you just have to eat a lot of row cabbage on the breakfast and carrots before go to bed, and this will be enough to get ride of your Cancer, All this patients that once made this Hospital or house full and with a lot of prestige already did that and nobody else comeback here. After she turned her back and bent to her duty on the floor, I could not asked anything else, then instead of been happy I thought to myself, I must be dreaming, and in reality I was :)

When in the morning I enter in the room to confirm my appointment I almost laughed because the room was half empty and there was a man coming out with a folder, I told to Justyna the dream almost come through. But No, all were the same. The doctor that saw me today did not tell me anything else, It was just to know my symptoms since I am having the new medication, She prescribed capsules for the heartburn, a liquid for the ulcers in the month and pills for the cancer enough for 6 weeks (good autonomy), in the case that I would go in holidays.

After the appointment I was very sensitized with a call from one nurse, She called me on the side and gave me a book about some pastor from her religion who heels all the diseases according to his followers, More than the religion issue this fact showed deeply how much this lovely lady cares about me. She is somebody who since the beginning, around 2 years ago, always plays with Olivia whenever we came and she asks me also how am I.

In the afternoon we went to Veena's house to meet and see each other after I have been away.

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