Friday, July 2, 2010

We are still here

I am already at home after another difficult morning in doctors hands, After taken some blood tests and seen the doctor, and again more blood samples, now for a research, I was tired and almost felt to cry, It would not be bad but it was not the time yet. The appointment with the doctor I do not know what to tell, if it was above or according to my expectations, It is true that always I am getting inside his room I have also some hope to hear some good words, some escape, but unfortunately it was not the case today, The results from the CT showed that the two legions in the Liver increased size, from 9 to 18mm but there is one more focus of Cancer that come to join the party, now close to the Pancreas and into the blood vessels, what means that there will not be operation. After know all that, again the same exercise as usual, breath very deeply and acting as if nothing has happened. Olivia was particular active, speaking all the time what made the doctor interact with her all the time.

The only good thing is the approval to start my new medication, I had already the first capsules, The Sunitinib has been a medication introduced very recently with a very successful rate of prolonging lives, keeping the tumours more inactive. This looks as my last resort. I do not want to give up but in this days it is what comes to my mind. But even now, when I am writing Olivia come around and with her look is telling the right, Lets go until the end.

Now we are going to Wales to breath the Nature and I will come back only Sunday.


jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder
Bom fim de semana

Pedro said...

Viva Helder

deixo-te um grande abraço e divirtam-se.

P Neiva

Carla said...



Carla Damásio

Luís Ganhão said...

Grande Hélder e Princesas... um abraço muito forte e beijocas da Nucha e da Gabi

Força, e bola para a frente!