Wednesday, July 7, 2010

short sightedness

I am back to my afternoons naps, After lunch I am feeling so tired, needing a break and lay on bed, Today Olivia came with me even if she did not sleep, it was a great time, I have the sensation that I am now absorbing and withdrawing all the best from Olivia. It is unbelievable and I will never can explain what is going on in my soul and heart in this moments, even in my mother tongue. Just to tell that it is difficult to think that there is World behind my look inside the Olivia's eyes and somewhere out of my kisses and smelling of Olivia's skin. At least for a moments I am the most happy person, not only in my small World but I believe in the big World.
The sight is narrower what means my life as never is now ranked in each day, no plans or thoughts after today, only wait for what it comes, Today the things were going on wheels without puncture or off-tracking. The sessions of football in Shubhy's house are going to the end and the best team is almost on the top.

Since today we are having the visit of our friend Gosha and her brother, Olivia has now more readers for her books :)

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