Monday, July 19, 2010


In the last day in London, before we fly over to Portugal we had a visit of my friend Sofia for a day, not much time but enough to review again and Olivia spend time with her God mother, The weather was great, we could enjoy an ice cream, But later we had our traditional coloured cup cake. I was tired but I could not sleep while Sofia were here as she did a journey of 5 hours only to come here to visit us, so I could not disappoint her. Today we left our flowers to Shubhy to get her care during the time we will be away.

Now we need still to pack all our things to depart tomorrow early morning as we are getting our flight from Bristol to Faro at 5.00 PM. It is the first time I will fly from there, it is further away from our home but it was the only chance affordable, as all the tickets from London were so expensive.

Here is Sofia and Olivia looking for the small insects and creatures around my home, they found a lot of transformed ants. They are huge and with a big tale.

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