Sunday, July 11, 2010


Long time ago I did not wake up with such a hangover, It was all the excitement from the night before that took me to bed very late. But also due to the dust in the arena and the heat that made me so tired. Today I experimented what Lisboa has the best, good food and people. I went with Filipe, Claudia and Catarina and husband to a such good restaurant, All made me remember my lovely grandmother that already pass away, the decoration and essentially the menu. The Taberna Ideal is definitely a place to go back. After we went to see the most beautiful view of Lisbon from the balcony in the Museum of ancient art, The landscape was a dream. Because of my friend Daniela lives nearby she joined us for a water.

In the evening it was great to stay in Pajo's house in the Seixal with Filipe and have our boys conversations, and tonight I will stay overnight here and tomorrow my parents and sister will come to meet me.

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jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder
Benvindo ás terras lusas ,que pena ser uma visita rápida ,se houver por aí um tempinho na agenda gostava de te dar um abraço se nÂo for possivel ficará para outra ocasiâo.
Boa estadia e nâo esqueças de levar um pouco deste Sol maravilhoso para as princesas hehe.