Monday, July 12, 2010

Who cares a lot?

Another day without my princesses, it starts to be difficult to get along with that. I am sure when I will get in London it will indescribable the sensation of been close to them again, this if Olivia have not forgot about me already, I need to bring a big present to her to buy her love again.

Nevertheless here in Portugal the day went great, I met my parents, sister and Daniel. It is always good to be close to our close ones. It was only one day together as they needed to go back to Algarve, but I hope soon we will have more time. And in the evening I was close again to friends here in Pajo's mansion. Pedro, Filipe, Claudia and Lucas came to spend some time together with us. This moments it is what I most miss in London, to relish a company and a conversation with a old friend, with somebody who cares a lot about us.

I cannot be silent about my first experience of the year with sardines, It is always a big moment.

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Pedro said...

a casa do pajó tem muito de de .... how can I say, help me Helder, Avant-garde its ok?

was a very pleasant evening.