Monday, July 26, 2010

Full moon

The days are in the hold, Justyna and Olivia are few thousands kms away and myself are passing all day at home in bed. I am resting at home not only because of missing my loves but also because of a strange marks and pain that appeared in my foot. Today I went to the doctor but it is still difficult to tell what can it be, At the moment I am keeping taking my daily antibiotics and pain killers. It is three spots that become whiter and painful in the last days that does not allow me to do any step. I will wait few more days to see if it will get better otherwise I will need to go to the emergency soon. The holidays are threaten to become what has been our normal days through the year, going to the doctors and pharmacies. But at least in bed I can read and enjoy the care and food of my dear mum.

Good today was the full moon around here, it was so bright and beautiful, It gave me some inspiration for the night.

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