Thursday, July 15, 2010

New mean of transport

Day one of New time started today, yes, because for the first time I have been so long away from Olivia it has had shown myself how much I love her and need to see her at least a thousand times a day, But this serves also for the older princess. In the morning we had more time to speak and see what they have been doing while I was in Portugal. The weather was nothing else than a winter day, I took my jacket that I used in the winter. Only when appeared a window in the sky we risked to go outside to go to the park, We also pass in a second hand shop to buy an umbrella to Olivia, Additionally we found a new mean of transport for Queen Olivia, a lovely carrier bag pack. Today as I promised I will show all the pictures from my trip to Portugal.
The first day, was what I most expected, the concert of Pearl Jam but also the reunion with my old friends. The Pearl Jam was stronger than ever, looked that the age never pass through some ones, I cannot tell the same about me :) In the end I was very tired and with back pain. But it was a great experience to feel again all the emotions.
this was LCD soundsystem

The second day brought the depression to the Portuguese people, In the end Nuestros Hermanos, Espanholitos, they got the cup, I will never forget this day :(
Nevertheless, before, the day was going so well, with a magnifico lunch in a charismatic restaurant in Santos. I had a taste of the spirit of Lisbon.
Third day my parents came to the mountain to visit their son. I established for two nights in Pajo's house after been in Filipe's house.
Fourth day, Finally I went to the beach and faced the Sun and the water. But also I met more friends in a diner in the Bairro Alto in the classic Calcuta restaurant. The star was Maria, so cute baby. This part of Lisbon still magic.
And in the last day I met my former team mate, Henrique :)Meanwhile, in London the life did not stop and there is records of Olivia going to meet her Polish young friend Kuba

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