Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the princesses

The last day was just to do some small shopping to my princesses, mainly to Olivia in order to have my love back. But also I met my friend Henrique from the club as he use to tell, It is already a regular coffee between us whenever I come to Lisbon, we discussed everything and also the State of art of the Cancer. As far as this meeting goes along through the years it is a great sign.

But since the morning I was looking forward to come to London, I was missing so much the princesses of High Barnet. the trip went very smoothly even if it looked endless hours, But around 12.30 AM I was back home and stoically Olivia was waiting for me. I am still without words to tell my feeling when I saw, I think she also was very happy even if could not express in words. She also was waiting for the gifts :) Now it is me who is going to sleep. Tomorrow I will put all the pictures down from Portugal.

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