Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pearl Jam

Without too much time to think, I just organized the essential and enjoyed the last hours at home before depart to this trip to Lisbon. Olivia is officially upset with me for going abroad without giving notice and inviting her. Nevertheless in the morning I was in the run to the airport to catch the plane. Surprisingly even if not the first time in airports, when submitted to their sophisticated scans it showed no trace of Cancer at all, only vestiges of a metal in my pocket, incidentally my keys and spare coins. Happy for that.

After just slide in the sky and reach the Portuguese soil, very hot what brought straight away memories of the old times. There, sat in the most discrete coffee shop, in a corner I found the Portuguese side of the plot, the spy Filipe. Great to give a huge hug to him. As I arrived, also I left in the most quiet way guided by him.

The next step was to recharge batteries, giving a bigger injection of insulin to have the best trip throughout the memorable concert. Impossible to full enjoy this concerts without this drugs, what we called a hocked.

Lastly the night was only mine, meet friends, Pajo, Sergio, Miriam, Beta, Elsa and set up for the energies that were to come from the stage. Pearl Jam were in top form, the years made them better, even if I can appoint only the quality of sound, as the wind disturbed a bit. Party was already over when I had the extra from LCD soundsystem.

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