Friday, July 9, 2010


I never thought that under my house, sleeping in my bed, exactly my wife would be my principal conspirator, Conspiring and doing machinations in my back is unforgivable. Few signs made me think that something was going on, though I never imagined such a thing. Alone Justyna was longer in the computer, needed to go out to print something that was secret, also few calls in my back to her co-conspirators that I never knew who was. But today surprisingly the true come to live, She and Filipe organized in secret my trip to Lisbon with a ticket to Pearl Jam. When Justyna told me today about the good news I could not believe, It is almost everything that I wanted and needed. I will go tomorrow and will come Wednesday. I will miss my beauties for four days. There, I will meet some other friends, it will be like old times rocking in the 80's and 90's.

Good to finish the day in glory because before was too heavy, The news from my landlord suggests that we should leave the house in September, It has been difficult for us to settle.

But today showed again that it is never too late to fight and believe that not always everything will be too wrong, the friends and wife told me today again that I am still alive.

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Anonymous said...

Amigo!!!vemo-nos amanhã!!!beijinhos