Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Horses family

I confess that I am not living in full the Life that I did not dream, I think it is still my obligation to live as better as I can what is left to live from this Life. I have the most two beautiful women beside me to stand behind and back me in this wish. The secret to bring again love, peace and happiness to our days we will be find in the small things. I only call small things to be better understand because they should not never be called small. Like today, This afternoon I felt so happy and I am sure also Olivia and Justyna felt the same when we went to the fields with a bag full of carrots and we fed the horses.

Olivia seeing the animals eating without hands is now having her food also without spoons, neither her hands just drinking. Nevertheless her reading it is still in a higher stage than her quadrupeds friends as she is now hooked to the classics, she likes to read my books with paintings where she picks up her inspiration for her works.

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Jane Herlihy said...

well well, echoes from wales - as we stood & watched the cows (see photo below!) John & Wilf & I had a conversation about the cows not having hands to eat with.... You think they're not listening but....!!
p.s. both John & I felt tired & depressed on Monday too. Long weekend next time - maybe a week?!?!