Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Of course the first thing in the morning I wanted to do was to go to the beach, the water was slightly cold but it was wet, the only thing that matters, Olivia I am sure will like the waves even more as more as the days will pass by. Acknowledging all my wishes my mother bought a nice sardines for lunch, but of course also the watermelon needed to be on the table.

The days here got a different shape but also different time, The sensation is that the days are longer, I can sleep and do other things and still there is time for something else. Probably because of feeling more relax my back pain also decreases a bit, only the several ulcers in the month because of the new medication is taking away the chance to taste the food.

In the evening Olivia played with Dani and was discovering her roots through old albums with pictures of the family.

Before go to sleep we could afford to go to the beach, just to listen the waves and see the moon and the stars that were particularly shiny tonight.

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