Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Levante on the shore

Today was the day that Justyna mum's father was buried, He might rest in peace. I was not there but, I believe it was a very difficult day for all the family. I spoke only in the evening with Justyna and it was notorious how tired and exhausted she was. Myself paid a visit to my friends in the hospital of Portimao, I needed a reason to visit my cousin Nini. I went to the emergency because of the pain that persists in my foot. The answer was a kind of plaster in form of a pillow around the foot to protect it when I walk. I will wait probably a couple of days and if does not get better I will call to my oncologist in London to see if it is possible to do anything.
Tomorrow it might not be a better day but at least will be another day.

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