Monday, March 1, 2010

Chemotherapy-session 9

Again very early I took myself to the Chemotherapy ward to have another session, Luckily today I had the needles set it my arm quicker and even the drugs arrived straight away, then I did not need to wait much and at 10 AM I was starting the session. Outside a strong Sun was shinning what warmed up my back but also the atmosphere inside, At some point it was even hot, But I gave up my complain, because soon I realise that my attitude was in contradiction, So when is cold is because is cold and now is just a bit warmer I am already complaining because of that, But I did open a window enough to get a draft to cool down the atmosphere.

Today I took the challenge of having my lunch even been a bit sick, After, I did regret, It was hard to swallow the food and water, also it did not help to found myself eating a lovely sushi when in the Planet Earth that I was watching an animal was feeding up from a carcass and besides me somebody was getting infusions of blood. Even if am use to it, but my stomach was asking for more gentleness in my choices. Nevertheless it is done and I am at home.
It was a long day and I only could breath better and sketch also a smile from my face when the machine that pumps the liquors to my veins alarmed for the last 5 minutes, It was only now that a minute looked as a minute because before they were definitely much more than that. And this is not in favour of the Subjectivity in the Einstein Time theories. It was a fact, in a lapse of a minute I am sure I had a nap, I went to toilets and few more things.

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