Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flying to Poland

Hello, Today I decided to pick up some pictures from the ark, Tomorrow at this time we will be already in Poland, firstly we will go to Krakow, where we will meet our friends, Friends from the studies of Justyna. Special Justyna will be very happy to see again her old and very close friends. Only Wednesday we will take another train to Justyna's parents house.

Nevertheless today has been hard and still not finish, Only now Justyna finished her essay with the help of Shubhy, who spent the afternoon doing proof reading. Now we will start to pack our stuff to the trip :) I hear about -10 degrees in Poland but I did not want to take to serious, Let us see.

Sunday morning as usual we had our breakfast out. We cannot dispense anymore. Good news is the fact for the first time after the chemotherapy session I did not pass the day in bed, it is getting better again I hope.

More pictures from last Thursday

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