Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caravan of love

Our life has been a constantly moving around, similar to a gypsy family, Often days out in Hospital make us take all our needs in our bags. Olivia is the master of Gypsy Life, always that goes out never takes risks, she goes always with her buggy full of her toys, teddy bears, creams, keys. She is already famous in High Barnet for the Girl of the buggy.

Today was a wet day outside was all day raining but also indoors me and Olivia had a fantastic long bath, My mood is again up :)

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Anonymous said...

Então, como é? ficamos sem saber o que a Olivia te ofereceu no dia do pai! e quando é que colocas mais uma pintura tua no blog? Gostamos sempre muito de vos ver nas fotos e a Olivia está girissima! Beijinhos da prima ju