Sunday, March 28, 2010

Era bom que trocassemos umas ideias sobre o assunto

And the weekend is done, shorter than usual, at least hampered in a less one hour, but it was full of good food and full of good chats. This part of life it would be one of the things that I would miss in any eventuality, probably even more the food. I have had always a very close relationship with the food and it has not been the disease or surgeries that took away this our relation. In the last weeks it has been very present on me how much I am missing the conversations, even more the silly conversations with friends, around a cafe table or in a sofa. Something that I use to have in Portugal. And whenever I have the opportunity to change ideas and have discussions with friends, leaving behind matters with Cancer, I realise how it boosts my moral and courage. Sometimes, I must agree with Justyna it is more than the Cancer, it is myself who destroys my recovering and belief. The book in the top title from Mario de Carvalho which is about a prosaic story elapsed somewhere in my familiar Costa da Caparica and Lisbon city, He refers to a alpinist that almost reaching the summit he forgot about the less obvious, His back, somebody was throwing on him stones from the floor. The enemies are where we do not expect.

So the afternoon was emulated in a lovely Indian meal in Veena's House and a very relaxing conversations around the table with Nick and Crishna

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