Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends of Art

The days were been long because I am still tired from the chemotherapy, Actually, Olivia should be ashamed of me because wherever we go, father looks for the first bed. Justyna's friends are many and all wants to see her and Olivia, yesterday we met all friends from her time of University. It is amazing how all of them are so great and all with intelectual influence, Some from the literature others from painting. With Patrrick I could get some tips and learn more how to use technics to paint. Anyway the most important is been in love for the biggest Art of the Life, to be friend of the friend.

But overall, I feel that they loved Justyna and I am happy to see how Justyna is happy in their company.

The afternoon I went to the Easy Jet of the catering, king of low cost in the food, I am speaking about the Milkbar, a restaurant in Poland that still conserves the ideas of comunism, kind of basic, cheap but very tasty food. Thus, tonight is the last one in Kracow and tomorrow we will go to North.

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