Friday, March 26, 2010


To change the course of another day, to be able to smell again and see the colors of the happiness that must exist in any living life early in the morning we left home looking for adventure outside. Olivia loves the surprises breakfast, essentially when is English full breakfast in a typical cafe. After, we all went to the Clarks shoes shop, where Olivia and Justyna would found their idle shoes for their delicate size. This time, I was the only one coming out without new shoes.

In the evening I did the dinner to keep me busy and forget all the discomforts, Sea Delights it was the closest to the Sea fish as I could get here in London to cook a Portuguese Sea fish Rice. In the end I was happy with the dish.

Lastly, just to say how happy we were when Shubhy told us that Neil have been told today his last marks from his exams and now on he is a Doctor, Congratulations Neil :)

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