Friday, March 19, 2010


It was around 11 A.M. we arrived in the Hospital, it was confuse for me to decide what to do as at almost the same time I needed to do my blood test, see the Dermatologist and also meet the Oncologist. Applying to my Omnipresence nature I just needed to do a random game to decide where to be first. I went in second place to see the Dermatologist, at the moment I do not have a serious problems do discuss with the doctor, at least not any cancerous issue, thus the appointment it was more to keep her updated. She also assured me or more told about her faith in my health, in her words after seen how my body been passing through so much and seen its response to all the treatments, surgeries and aggressions, myself will fatality recover and survive to another bunch of Cancer cells, She adjective me a robust and bionic man. I hope her words would be prophetic.
Afterwards, I just had time to put my huge folder in between my arms and travel downstairs to see the Oncologist, Today after more than a year I saw again Doctor Rupinda, She is very friendly and patient, she was explaining everything again and responding to all my questions. She reminded how frustrating and disappointed was for all the doctors to see my results as they were convinced of the things going in different direction, She said that unfortunately something went wrong as some cancer cells were left behind after all the surgeries making the things more difficult now. She told me that the operation will be always difficult to happen, more because I will need my body fit and sharp to carry on with the treatments, Another operation it might will not bring any good as the Cancer likely will reappear again somewhere else. Now there is this chemotherapy that should decrease the nodules in the tummy and in the Liver otherwise....
The day was not only to remember my nightmare but also to celebrate my day, Yes, today is Father's day in Portugal, and soon will be Father's day in Poland and after in England. I already feel sorry for Olivia because she will need to use all her pocket money to buy me presents in this days :)

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