Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love outside the mirror

I always felt an indescribable attraction for the effects given by a mirror, and it happens in a variety of situations in life, Can wider the perspective of space that is why some people cover their small rooms in mirrors, often toilets, but can also can narrows the sight. It can boost the dreams or can chop those. Even, there are who says that is the best toll to show deep inside, the soul perhaps. And the ugliest figure as I can recall the vampires never come reflected in the same. By the way my reflexion it becomes slightly blurred but it still recognizable.
In the other day I was also trying to understand and I listen few theories explaining why our reflexion in the mirror is behaving in one way when we looked to our right and left inside reflexion (inverted) in the mirror and instead we looked in the perspective up and down (not inverted) I confess I did not get a satisfactory answer yet.
But this come about because Justyna bought yesterday a mirror to our home and in fact that piece of furniture touched in my feelings more than suppose, as it showed my legs and body even slimmer, And this feeling of frustration with that glass rose even more when I saw Justyna happy with it, as for her, her body was tightener.

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