Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Exterminating Angel

In spite of been all night without sleep the day was in the end very positive, Early I went to the Hospital to see the physiotherapist regarding to my back pain, In that plan there was some improvements, there is still bad days but average I am not having so much pain in back as before, So we decided to give a moratorium until the end of the chemotherapy, because I am too tired to travel to the Hospital to do any gymnastics. I was very happy with this decision. Meanwhile, Olivia went with mummy to the Doctor because she keeps having cough during the night.

After my appointment I went to meet Bill, Long time I did not see him, He and John were my flatemates with who I lived my first 3 years in London, in Kings Cross. Today we met altogether again plus Bill's son and Flin's girl friend. It started with a soup and end up with a philosophical conversation, as use to be always in the old times. Even with my head having only eyes and thoughts about my bed, or also because of that I dived in the Bill's house spirit. I would explained in the same way as Luis Bunuel portrayed in his film The Exterminating Angel , Once there slowly our body is infected by some energy coming from that monumental Sofa that still in the same place since when I arrived and for sure has some magnetism, But also accompanied by the long conversations with Bill and John that always gives me the sensation of going nowhere. With all this mixed I frequently felt as also happen today, Trapped is the word, When our body want to go, to move on but deeply our mind do not allow you to do that small step, or just do the first hand shake and leave. In the end I feel that I would leave in the same way as I dived in that trance condition, by some magic hypnotizing touch from Bill.

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