Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bacalhau ą Polaco

Justyna finally in the last minute finished and sent her Essay, Meanwhile I went for a walk with Oli through the forest. We did not adventure too far inside because of I have not got my compass and as well as the cold did not advice us. Also I still have a big respect for the white tree or birch and all the stories around those forests.

I confess that today I felt down I guess it is because of a pain in the side that I am having.

Anyway Olivia today saw her cousin Elisa. Both played all the afternoon.

But the biggest surprise of the day it was a dinner that Joanna, Justyna's mum reserved for us, It was bacalhau in Polish or in her way. I never thought that I could come out of Portugal and learn another way how to cook the faithful friend.

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