Sunday, March 21, 2010

Best friend

Suddenly today Justyna caught a big flu, she was almost all day in bed with headache and pain in the body. It was sad to see the strongest link so weak and in bed. But it was as well touching to see Olivia in solidarity with her mother, She did not want to leave her mum, She was all morning in bed with Justyna, only in the afternoon I convinced her to come to the park, It was a wonderful time at least for me, enjoying all the moments with the small Olive.
In the morning I spoke with the renewed mum, Carla, and we were very happy to know that she is also good and the babies are getting stronger.

Now it is me and myself, I will try to organize myself, and getting prepare psychologically for tomorrow's chemo session. It will be the time that I will change to other side of the pitch, I will try now on to score in the other goal, This because it is starting the second half. It will be the 4th of this cycle of 6.

So see you later

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