Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Man or Woman?

The days are now with more colour at least in my head, even with the persistent rain and wind outside I am feeling better this mornings. It is not about pain or about anything else, The news and the problems are still the same, but I just feel more happy and enjoying the day. Perhaps it is also about Hormones. Maybe one of this days I will wake up with blood in the genitals and then I will realise that I am starting to have what the ladies have cyclically, The menstruation. It is the only explanation for this ups and downs in the mood, Sometimes I do not want to come out from the bed but sometimes the Life is only mine. The ladies know what I am talking about.

The day I pass with Olivia, Justyna is spending more time with studies, I can witness Olivias talents over the canvas. She has definitely a very good relation with the brushes and crayons. We went today to the child centre, the place for the Lilliputians, all are small, babies size.

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