Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chameleon life

Definitely the first signs of Spring arrive in the London Morning, The night was a good surprise for me as I did sleep quiet well, I woke up with all the head aches and vomits much more stable, So in the morning I could not resist to go out of the door even in pyjamas and make sure that all that Sun invading the house was True, Sun was finally there and it was not fruit of all pills in my mind. Still in the morning we all went for a short walk outside, some shopping what brings the best of Olivia whenever we are inside but also brings her worst whenever she discovers that she cannot buy everything that comes to her hand.

The day went very slowly in my burrow, This Chameleon moved very lazily in between my bed and incursions to the kitchen to drink water, again in the afternoon I managed to sleep few more hours while Justyna and Olivia went to the park.

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