Sunday, February 28, 2010


It is already tomorrow the next chemotherapy session, Today as the last days were always in the shadow of tomorrow, Even if I am trying to not but I always feel more distress and down this days. The weekend just pass in a speed of eye blink. I just read and went for a walk with Olivia. In the evening me and Oli went to Shuby's house to have a dinner with Shuby and Tom, It was good to relax and also to mummy have more time at home to her studies. But we did not forget about her, because we brought a meal for her.

Now I am only organizing my bag to take with me tomorrow, Principal to not forget is two DVD of the Planet Earth, In the last session it was this what entertained me mostly, The beautiful images and the path of the animals are ideal for those boring hours. The book that I am reading at the moment I think is not the best to take with me, The Disgrace from J.M.Coetzee is too sad and shows too brutally the bad side of the Human Being, Like if there was not any escape for Us. So I think I will leave it at home:)

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