Friday, March 5, 2010

Slow motion

For a strange days an innovative approaches, waking up so early in the last days gave us a weird sensation of passing through the days, Having a lunch is almost having a diner, It is like in a jet lag recover, Resting in a small naps during the day is a palliative. And only wandering up and down bring us close to the clock where its is writing our own time. Even each page of my book looks like each volume of a novel. But, today we also found what can be a solution for this dark days in bed and sofa, it can be outside in our garden, it is not anymore so cold and Olivia loved the solution of been outdoors.

Also today I tasted a fantastic bath with relaxing flowers, and in the top of that I had Olivia drooping water in my head and doing massage, Treatment for a King. How lucky I am :)

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Jane Herlihy said...

The daffs look lovely!
x x x (one each)