Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiring nun

I am still living my busy social life even if restricted to walls of the Royal Free Hospital. A day after the chemotherapy I had my CT scan at lunch time, The nervous were attached to me all day, Hopefully all will be good or at least not too bad. I am not expecting the paradise but neither the disaster. I had all the waiting time a inspiring nun close to me, which is also fighting with the Cancer, It can mean the goodness for us and for everybody around us. I will only know the results in two weeks time.

Meanwhile, the Life kept in its pace, of course it will never stops, Olivia is enjoying the spells of spring, preparing to spend her time in the garden when the Summer fully arrives, And if it will be true the predictions from the Weather forecasters this will be hottest Summer ever. Of course we need to look for that with more Hopefulness then full thrust. And in Holland the extend family of Carla and Luis are having the best time of their Lives, It is so beautiful to see them.

The day finished great with the results from the Justyna's essay coming out, The mark was fantastic, we are all very happy, Now she is waiting for the next one in April.

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