Wednesday, January 26, 2011

World of juices

There is always reasons even if there is no desire, Today to do more blood testes the reason was to do the cholesterol checks as other issues related with diabetes. This time the programme was in the Barnet Hospital, close to home, this because they were required from my GP. But wherever it is the routine is the same, the family is solidarity. I just need to have more careful next time, because Olivia this time was very sad and even cried when saw my arm with plaster. She loves me, as I love her, there is no doubts. The day was always full of events, firstly we went to the library to say our word and to defend the permanence of the Sure start children centre. Unfortunately, the crises is hitting everyone, children and the staff. But I am sure there is plenty that only see but not suffer.

Through the afternoon few more angels knock our door, Was the Freedom pass which was offered to me, this means I will have free travel through London. This will give me definitely more freedom to move around, as the prices of transports are almost forbidden for who works and more for who does not work. Afterwards, another Angel visited us, a useful and very necessary juice maker come inside through the doors, Only later we understood that was a gift from Shubhy and Tom. The first combination of Apple and Carrot was wonderful, so now there is a new World of juices to discover.

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