Monday, January 10, 2011


Olivia is now passing through a stage that I called the Parrot, There is nothing that she likes more than just copycat her parents. A mobile phone is such a joy for her, she speaks and replies herself, In the toilets she needs to have a book, Anything that we tell, essentially in English language she is behind replying the same words.
Today Justyna's cousins left the house, They found a new place for them, With that Olivia has been upgraded to her bedroom, We took advantage and moved her bed to her room. She looked very excited with the idea of finally sleeping in her own bedroom. just now I read to her sleep. Let us see how it will go the night, if she will not wake and ask for mother, I think it will be very normal if now in the beginning she will find hard to get used, But we will help her. I remember myself of having 7 years old and still liked to sleep in my parents bed, So I cannot be too demanding with Oli.

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