Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night after listened movements from Olivia in her bedroom for a while I was scare because when I came to Olivia's bedroom I found her outside her bed and going back to the bed, I was surprised and I was not sure what did happen, was she a sleepwalker ? something that I never spotted before, After I could not sleep until I listened her waking up again and going out from her bed. I run to her bedroom to make sure that she would not fall from the stairs, then I found the reason for her walking out of her bed, It was just to drink some water that was in a glass close by but out from her reach. It was a small thing but definitely also a landmark after become able to fall asleep by her own.
This Week it is the start of a new program for us, It will requires more time, patience and money, but we are willing to do, Our diet become more rich in vegetables, as we are buying a special juicer for fruits and vegetables and for wheat grass, which apparently is very good to help fight the Cancer, We also have now a tape water filter, The cows milk at home is also about to be replaced by soya and rice milk.

All this, it is still not the last effort and it is not a radical switch, It is only another help following advises and ideas already accepted by everyone, After so many chemotherapy, tablets, and now radiotherapy my body definitely will needs a push to improve its levels of self defences in the immune system, as well as cleaning body and blood, The kidneys are other contender that I need to look after to would not be necessary to go to dialysis.

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