Thursday, January 13, 2011

Better waters

Today we are getting ready for our tomorrow's trip to Liverpool, Olivia will go for the first time with us to visit John's family, his mum and sisters. I like very much the atmosphere in the North of England, is like in the North of Portugal, People are more simple and friendly but also more energetic and noisy. Our departure will be from King's cross Rail station. I am already excited with the idea of travel in the train.

This days I am feeling more calm, I supposed the lack of the Sunitinib is helping me and my brain to sleep better and to easy the distress over my body as it is enough the distress from the legions in the Liver and somewhere else in the body. Nevertheless, yesterday I was thinking so much, that what worries me more is Olivia, and eventual early lose of her father. Justyna was very wise when she said to me that I should set up some objectives in my mind to encourage me to go through this, like think about to be present in her First Communion, after go to school, be in her marriage and to be a grandfather. In this way I will focus and getting the positive energies and discharge the bad ones in order to go through more stations as possible. If the saying You can never step in the same river twice is true soon I will find myself in a better waters, This I am sure.

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