Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Small good things

The calmness is reaching again better levels at home and into myself, Olivia is going very well through her nights in her own new room. Probably is even harder to us to go to bed without seeing her close to me and wake up farther away from her. This morning I went for another Reiki session in the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, I almost feel asleep was not my concern to have always my Liver under visualization. Anyway, I came home very relaxed and with an incredible light legs. Something that you probably already noticed is the fact that for a while I have not complained about my back, This is because of that famous back pain that accompanied me all the time, has in fact vanished. I do not know how to explain but that pain that I already had for guaranteed has suddenly disappeared. Thanks.

Justyna recovered another house for Oli, She has again her small shed to play with her toys and dulls. Olivia was very happy and invited me to visit her, I could not stay long because it is too small for me. In the evening we went to Shubhy's house for Pari's farewell party as she is going back to USA. Another good thing that I experimented today was that I felt again able to taste spicy food, this because of left the Sunitinib few days ago. This I am sure will give another dimension to the meal time :)
Pari will be very much missed, We love her.

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