Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Socratic thoughts

After 2.5 years I had again a Reiki session. I still keep good memories of those first sessions in the UCL Hospital, which helped me to keep the head above the water. Today it was in the Cherry Lodge Cancer Care. The therapist was a great professional, and very human. She told me that was in love with my hair that is why she kept touching and passing energies through my head. The Centre was also receiving works of maintenance as myself, The builders were constantly drilling with powerful and noisy drillers, But surprisingly I took advantage of that to focus in those machines as if they were surgery tools which were cracking down also the stones and tumour in the Liver. I am curios to see the results :)

It was a very relaxing session and even more important now, when I am feeling very unstable and distress. Afterwards, came the best, I had Justyna and Olivia waiting outside, to take me home. Our walk had a stop in the park and in the bar of the park for a coffee for Justyna, a tea for me and a Babychino for Olivia. Probably, influenced by those intellectual fluids Olivia before home still asked us to stop again as she was deeply thinking, she did not say what it was about.

Evening was again a therapy of cakes and cakes.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Nada como uma terapia de bolos :-)

Bom Ano para TODOS