Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tous pour un, un pour tous

The day is going so long, Last night I could not sleep at all, but this time I cannot blame Olivia, as she slept in her own bedroom and only woke once. The problem this time was more Justyna, she was slightly sick, and I was very worried. This event makes me think how much is also the suffering of Justyna when she sees me sick and restless with pain. Fortunately, in the morning she went to the doctor and now is better. Every day, however it is, dark or bright We are always an inseparable team. There was not any appointment in the Hospital that we would not turn out together, and in Barnet I am sure we are already very famous, as a trio that are always together wandering around. With proud we are the Musketeers of Barnet.

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