Saturday, January 1, 2011


The New years Eve brought us very close to our friends, We had the visit of Veena that has been away for Christmas. It was great to see her again, I almost got drunk with an alcoholic Tiramisu, A long time I did not know that flavour. She brought us a present that is promising to do our next days very happy, I already started to develop my skills in the Origami. Very good to relax.

In the evening we went to stay and dinner with Shubhy and all the family, A lot of good spirit, friendship but also good food was part of the last feast of the year. The friends were so many that become difficult for my camera to catch all of Us. Today I did my first incursion in the photo shop as you can see in the picture. Ingenues but amateur.

So it was among the alcohol from the Tiramisu and the good spirit from Shubhy's house that Olivia and us came back home for the last moments of the year, This was half an hour to Midnight and would be a crime to let Olivia go to sleep so close to the New Year, she would not never forgive us. It was a wonderful time that minutes until the New Year, a lot of kisses and laugh. I cannot see any better way to start 2011. Later, Justyna was in delirious with her new hobby, knitting with wool, a scarf is already getting shape.

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