Monday, January 31, 2011

Inside matrix

I did not go to the Moon yet, but today I was close, I dressed as an astronaut with a special suit, hat and glasses, all covered with sensors that monitored all my movements, kind of a Wii game, There were also dozens of cameras that filmed myself and projected those images just in front of me. For the first time I saw integrally myself from the back, Strange to see my clone even if from the back position. For a while inside a box with screens and mirrors I was bombed with lasers, which I needed to avoid, bending, twisting, knelling, etc. Some of the movements I has not done for a long time. Apparently, the aim of the research is to understand people's behaviour within virtual reality, How much people's experiences and behaviours within virtual reality match those in real life. After 40 minutes I started to get used to the Life in the virtual environment and to be honest I fall in Love for the Lasers in the Matrix, Shame they did not forget about me inside the Virtual Reality Box, After all I needed to step out to the Real World.

Very real and familiar however is the machine that I will enter tomorrow, Another Ct scan is coming, Fingers cross my friends.

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