Friday, January 28, 2011

Special coin

Our Marathon through the Juices and smoothies are still on the way. This afternoon we had the delicious Dream Detox, with celeriac, cucumber, ginger, lemon and apple. For evening will be Breath Easy cocktail. The consequences of this daily extra vegetables I still do not know, but for now I am going very fresh and with a lot of energy.
Since few days I am trying to set up my paints and work in the canvas, but it has been impossible. Invariable the problem is always Olivia, Neither reading is any more possible. Often, I am hiding to get some rest from her readings and paintings, but the break is for a short time. This sounds a complain, but in reality I am fulfill with Her. I am carrying with me the both sides of a coin, For sure it always would needed to be like that. It is here and it is in all our Life, I found the happiness holding hands with the sadness.

Lastly, just to say how happy I was in the morning to see that Nelson Mandela is back home, after knew that he went to Hospital. He is a symbol of my generation. Luckily he was one of those rare heroes that his reason was recognized still in Life.

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