Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vegetarian Lion

It was the Day of mother to take Olivia to the cinema session, If they were happy I was even happier to have few hours just for me :) I did what I like the most, I found time for everything, I read, meditated and I did paint as well. I created an atmosphere of a very relaxing jungle, listening a sound to relax and meditate while I was going through the draw. It was a fantastic symbiosis, calm music with the look of a terrible feline. If you see, this is a vegetarian lion, only has vegetarian sausage and carrots.
It was a perfect Sunday, complemented with litters of juices, It was great the Dr Juice cocktail combined with the company of our friends Shubhy and Tom. The best way to welcome the new week, which will be very busy. To be honest I am happier when I have plans and assignments for the week. This one I will have tasks to do every day, Tomorrow I will be in the UCL to participate in an experiment about virtual Life, Day after I will have my CT scan and Friday I will know the results. For sure with all this veg diet the results must be great :)

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