Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fat Sunday

The first window appears in the sky and we were outside, It was a short walk through the field but enough to bring home tons of mud. Afterwards, it was better, a relaxing tea at home with the team. I would called this a Fat Sunday, as was full of friends, but not because of they been fatty. In the evening Olivia had the visit of her close friends Krishna and Veena. She did not lose the opportunity to show them her new toys.

Meanwhile, the first days of the year are marked by my huge efforts to unlock my Polish language. Only today I realised that this is my New Year resolution. Everyday is increasing the list in my notebook of Polish words that I know, It is also true that everyday others are erasing from my memory, but I guess this is like all the fights, we must be persistent. And fights are with me :)

Last thing that I would like to share with you is this link with few songs from my talented pianist friend Ryan. You will see, you will not lose your time.

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