Friday, January 21, 2011

Weapon of mass destruction

It was a very intense and long Friday as I expected, just now I arrived from the Hospital. Nevertheless, the day went very colourful, behind the White and Black. When I woke up I knew that this day must offer me something special. I had a feeling :)

First thing in the Hospital, I was presented with a visit of a friend, Angy that works in the Hospital. She did not forget about my birthday and came to give me a kiss and offered me a book and CD about Buddhism. It was lovely. Afterwards my nervous were calmed down, and I faced the appointment with the doctors more positive.

The doctors did not offered me the Sky but also not the Hell, what made me happy, In fact there was a piece of good news, The scan that I did it was not conclusive about the size of the tumours, also because this specific scan is not used for check if shrank or increased, But showed one thing very important for the future, The tumours has into its nucleus a big density of receptors related with hormones, highlighted in the scan, and only with that the Radiotherapy that is planned could be very effective. They call it Yttrium 90-targeted radionuclide therapy, Sorry about this. The dose will be given me via intravenous, it will last only 20 minutes to thrive a lot of explosions in the tumours. In the day of the treatment I will need to stay overnight in the Hospital, because of radiation radiated from this bombs of mass destruction.

But to start this treatment again I will need the approval of an Agency that gives the funding to this, and it looks that the decision can takes few months. But to not wait in the dark I will do another scan next week, this one to check the size, afterwards depending if the Cancer has increased or not I might need to do few other cycles of chemotherapy, This until I start the radiotherapy. As you see we are running behind the clock and the money. This financial crises sadly will inevitable knock in our doors as well.

After all this I just wanted to go out from the Hospital, I cannot remember a day in the last months that I enjoyed so much to breath deeply the air of the Hampstead Heath park, almost until grasp the pollution, To look for the Sun, that was strong, until almost go blind, To smell the first flowers of the Season until feel dizzy. For a moments I took a refuge in a park only with the trilogy of my Life, to know, Olivia, Justyna and Sun. The Life is not going totally as I wanted but it is me which needs to help to take a different path.

Tomorrow, I have another promise set up with Olivia, we are going for the first time for a Morning matinee Cinema together, I am curios to see her reaction :)
Have a lovely weekend

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